My name is Jessica Oyanagi, & it's great meet you here! I'm a licensed Realtor in Hawaii & the owner of Home Sweet Maui Realty. Ty & Victoria have spoken with me about your friendship many times before, & they filled me in on your goal of selling your property in Kihei. As their mutual friend & a fellow 12th Man (I lived in Seattle for 13 years & still own Hawks season tickets!), I'm more than happy to help with any real estate questions you have.


I created this private web page as a tailored resource for you. Ty mentioned that your main goal right now is to have a home valuation completed for your property.  So, I researched your property & comparable properties in Kihei to give you an educated listing price range for your home. I've included your Maui County property records & the listing comps I used for this valuation in the gallery below for your reference. Simply click on any image in the gallery below to learn more about that subject. I also included a few PDFs with real estate resources for your review, if needed. If you'd like to work together to list your property I also have the ability to update this page with new information anytime as you progress through your real estate journey. 


Looking at data for your home specifically, the price range I would list your property for would be somewhere between $3-3.5 million. Of course, I'd love to see the property in person to make the most accurate valuation, but no matter what, I'd suggest listing at the higher end of this price range to give you room to negotiate, if needed.

While I have you reading here, I also want to mention my passion for marketing homes. With my background in professional photography & communications I believe that marketing your property appropriately is going to be very important. I know the value of prepping, staging & capturing professional photos & video to market properties for maximum exposure & eye catching results!


I'm honored to have the opportunity to support & empower you as you prepare to list your home. If you have any questions or would like to speak with me directly, I'm available to help anytime. Also, please feel free to navigate my website here using the menu above to learn more about myself, my company & my services. Mahalo for your time & consideration.